AC Audit Commission
BoD Board of Directors
Capex Capital Expenditures
CBC Corporate Behavior Code
Chelyabinsk ETO Regulator in the Chelyabinsk region
ChEMK Chelyabinsk Electric Metallurgy Plant
CPI Consumer price index
CU Conventional unit
EGSM Extraordinary General Shareholder Meeting
ENES United National Energy System
F Forecast
FSC Federal Security Commission
FST Federal Tariff Service
GRES State power station
Gridco Grid Company
GOELRO State Russian Electrification Plan
GUP Form of business ownership in Russia (state unitary company)
HO Head-quarters
IA Executive office
IAS International Accounting Standards
ICRMS Internal Control and Risk Management System
IDGC Interregional Distributive Grid Company
IS KUEM Software for calculation of the volumes of transmitted energy
IVR-systems System of interactive voice response
KHL Continental Hockey League
KTP Package substation
kV Kilo volt
kW Kilowatt
kW/h Kilowatt/hour
MB Management Board
Mln Million
mpe Maximum possible emissions
MVA Megavolt ampere
MW Megawatt
NChOU Form of business ownership in Russia (Non-state private educational institution)
OAO Form of business ownership in Russia (Open Joint-Stock Company)
Opex Operating expenses
Perm REK Regulator in the Perm region
PS Substation
RAS Russian Accounting Standards
RGR Required gross revenues
RUR Russian ruble
RUIE Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs
RZHD Russian Railroads
SAC Subsidiary and associated company
SAP ERP 2005 Software application designed to improve operational efficiency and productivity of business processes
SE Sverdlovenergo
SIW Steel insulated wire
SME development Small & medium enterprise development
SPA Sales and Purchase agreement
Sverdlovsk REK Regulator in the Sverdlovsk region
Thous. Thousand
TP Substation
VAT Value-added tax
VL Aerial line
VMI Voluntary medical insurance
ZAO Form of business ownership in Russia (Closed Joint-Stock Company)