PR and GR

IDGC of Urals, ОАО works systematically to develop integrated communications, shape goodwill and increase publicity capital of the Company as a key component of the strategic management of the Company. The Company painstakingly implements its reputation management principles adhering to united approaches to reputation policy of the Company and its SACs. The most important components of the managerial activities are initiation and effective communication with representatives from business, expert and scientific communities, federal and regional authorities, public organizations, including veteran-, youth- and ecology-oriented ones. The Company works on creating communication environment that is the most favorable for enterprise development. The basic direction is cooperation with mass media to form positive business reputation, increase of information influence and publicity capital and promotion of its interests. In 2011 mass media published over 5 240 materials on the Company’s activities. Over 80% of all materials were initiated by the PR department. Positive and neutral messages were over 98%.

IDGC of Urals occupies leading positions in information activity among energy sector companies: it initiated over 80% of all messages. Key topics of the messages in 2011 were investment program implementation, repair results, operations during complicated natural phenomena (flood, thunder storms, etc.) as well as post-incident restoration of supply. As of 2011 the Kommersant-Ural newspaper acknowledged IDGC of Urals, OAO the most transparent energy company. The winners were determined by a jury consisting of the heads of the leading regional mass media.

In 2011 The Company elaborated and successfully implemented targeted communication program related to information support of Smart Metering pilot project in Permenergo. The program included measures aimed at successful implementation of the project, shaping positive relation of general public to the initiatives, involvement of people into energy saving processes. Under the program a web-site devoted to the project was created and it successfully operates nowadays. To raise public awareness we prepared, published and disseminated information bulletins and leaflets, the project was introduced on conferences and exhibitions. Under the pilot project the program facilitated efficient communications with regional authorities, utility companies in Perm, professional community and consumers as well as gave an impulse for energy saving program development in the region.

The Company painstakingly builds relations with authorities and public organizations. Targeted cooperation with authorities enables the Company to obtain support of our initiatives from the regional administrations, to locate the Company as a leading regional gridco. Thus, in 2011 representatives from Perm regional authorities and Oleg Chirkunov, the regional governor, supported the Smart Metering project. The Government of the Sverdlovsk region appreciated the work done by IDGC of Urals in terms of increasing own energy efficiency as well as was grateful to the Company for social and charity activities. Authorities of the Chelyabinsk region noted that the Company successfully executed its investment program laying the basis for industrial and economic development of the region. On all service area the Company executes agreements on grid development. Heads of the regions regularly participate in commissioning of the Company’s new facilities. Thus, in 2011 Aleksandr Misharin, the Governor of the Sverdlovsk region, participated in the commissioning of 220 kV substation Ryabina, Sergey Komyakov, the First Deputy Governor of the Chelyabinsk region, visited the commissioning of 110 kV substation Karat, Aleksandr Kudryavtsev, Deputy Chairperson of the Government of the Perm region, participated in the commissioning of 110 kV substation Iva.

Injury prevention is traditionally our separate activities sphere. In 2011 under PR program “Caution: Electricity” our specialists arranged lessons devoted to electrical safety in schools of the Sverdlovsk, Chelyabinsk and Perm regions. Mass media published over 450 articles on electric injury prevention and observation of network protective zone rules. Regional radio stations and TV channels broadcast our audio and video clips on electric injury prevention among adults and children. Visual aids devoted to infant electric injury prevention, rules of behavior near lines as well as fundamentals of household equipment use were posted on school stands.

Under partnership agreements the Company continues relations with business-oriented organizations: All-Russia public organization OPORA Russia and Business Russia, All-Russia Committee Elektroprofsoyuz, Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs.

The Company pays a lot of attention to consumer feedback development. In particular, our corporate web-site has a CEO internet outer office. In 2011 over 250 consumers, that is 1.5 times more than in 2010, used it to solve their problems. The most frequent reason for usage was connection issues. Consumers were also interested in supply quality, HR issues and metering. Requests received via internet outer office were thoroughly studied by the senior managers. All applicants obtained clarifying responses on their issues.

The Company pays a lot of attention to internal communications. In 2011 internal corporate portal for personnel was launched. It united various information bases and services and provided new interactive facilities for team-work of all employees. In the reported period there were 12 issues of a monthly corporate newspaper that is an important instrument for personnel nonfinancial stimulation and distribution of information on the Company’s life. Main topics of articles were on measures taken to improve work environment, acquisition of new vehicles and equipment, initiatives of the Company’s senior management, work done by the Veteran and Young Professional Councils under united youth policy of IDGC Holding and recommendations of the Coordination Council of Grid Complex Veterans. Our corporate web-site is updated every day. In 2011 web-site traffic increased by 1.5. times on 2010 and totaled 150 thous. unique visitors.

With the participation of Young Professional Council and in cooperation with leading universities of the Urals the Company arranged a Youth Innovative Center that will become the center for efficiency drive and inventions for the benefit of regional grid infrastructure development. IDGC of Urals, ОАО arranged a regional stage of All-Russia youth contest of innovative ideas and projects – Energy of the Future prepared by IDGC Holding, OAO and scientific division of Security problems of the FEC and Coordination Council for youth affairs in science and education of the President Council on science, technologies and education.

Exhibitions are an important part of brand communication development and market positioning of the Company as well as shaping and supporting united image of Holding’s SACs. In 2011 the Company took part in 8 large exhibitions. Among them are the Urals International Exhibition – INNOPROM-2011 – where the Company presented its projects devoted to energy efficiency, and International Specialized Exhibition – Grids of Russia – LEP2011 – where the Company’s representatives joined a united delegation and created a united exposition of Holding’s companies. During the exhibition we signed contracts with Global Insulator Group, OOO on porcelain insulators and Energy+21, ZAO on rod polymeric insulators.