According to the Russian legislation energy transmission tariffs are set forth as united for all consumers of one voltage class, located on the constituent territory of the federation and belonging to the same group (category), irrespective to which grids they are connected to. IDGC of Urals is the holder of united (boiler) grid tariffs in the Sverdlovsk, Chelyabinsk and Perm regions.

“Boiler” tariffs:

  • Are calculated from payments for energy transmission under the contracts forwarded to the only grid company – IDGC of Urals, ОАО;
  • Include expenses for energy transmission by FSK and all grids located in the region;
  • Are applied for the settlement of payments between IDGC of Urals and providers of last resort, utility companies, retail suppliers and other customers, being wholesale market participants or those who concluded purchase-and-sale contracts with generators or other energy suppliers.