Measures taken to decrease energy losses

As a priority, we take measures aimed at loss optimization (decrease). Due to these measures overall effect in 2011 totaled 101.083 mln kW/h. As a result of measures aimed at reduction of non-technical losses, the effect totaled 138.18 mln kW/h, technical losses due to managerial measures decreased by 40.55 mln kW/h (due to technical measures – by 2.5 mln kW/h). Overall economic effect from the programs totaled RUR 206.9 mln, expenses totaled RUR 589.4 mln, at the same time average payback time is 11.5 years. Completion of the plan on loss decrease in 2011 is 100%.

Main measures taken to decrease energy losses in 2011: Loss decrease, mln kW/h
Measures taken to decrease technical losses, including 43,09
Shutdown of KTP 10/0.4 kV transformers with a seasonal load 0,25
Shutdown of transformers on 2-transformer substations and substations with a seasonal load 1,63
Aligning of phase load in 0.4 kV networks 0,657
Other managerial measures 40,55
Measures taken to decrease non-technical losses 138,18
During 2011 non-technical losses in IDGC of Urals decreased by 138.18 mln kW/h. The decrease of energy losses was achieved due to the program on measures taken to update metering devices and execution of tasks under transmission contracts:
  • Execution of the program on the perspective development of metering systems on retail energy markets (approved by the BoD): in 2011 over 80 thous. commercial metering devices were mounted and replaced. This increased metered volume of transmission by 0.12% on average. As a result, decrease of energy losses from decrease of systematic instrumentation error of obsolete metering devices in 2011 totaled 90.905 mln kW/h.
  • Replacement of 0.4 kV drops to buildings: during the reported period we replaced over 2 thous. 0.4 kV common wire drops to buildings for SIW, metering devices were installed on faces of buildings ensuring prevention of an unmetered consumption, wildcat access to metering chains and external influence on proper metering operations. As a result of technical measures, metered volume of the transmission services (productive supply) increased by 0.04%, in comparison to 2010. As a result of the measure in 2011 decrease of energy losses, in comparison to 2010, totaled 3.5 mln kW/h.
  • Technical inspection of metering devices. During 2011 there were technical (instrumental) inspections for 223 thous. metering devices.
  • Implementation of technical metering system on IDGC main substations. With a view to arrange a more detailed analysis of reasons of advanced losses, their allocation and elimination additional points of technical energy metering were installed. Thus, in 2011 over 300 metering devices were installed, changed or repaired.
  • Control reading from metering devices. IDGC personnel, to determine the volume of transmitted energy, on a monthly basis, visits the consumers – natural persons and legal entities. During such visits the personnel takes control readings from metering devices and makes visual checks of metering devices.

On the whole, in our service area, as of 31.12.2011, there are over 2 mln points of delivery, including 1.8 mln points for natural persons and 0.2 points for legal entities. During 2011 IDGC of Urals took control readings with the following frequency: 4 times per year for natural persons (over 0.6 mln points of delivery per month); 12 times per year for legal entities (over 0.15 mln points of delivery per month). The frequency of control readings for legal entities is between 6 and 12 times per year. The frequency of control readings for natural persons is between 4 and 12 times per year. In 2011 there were 0.2 mln instrumental inspections of metering devices, including 0.15 mln inspections for natural persons and 0.072 mln inspections for legal entities. Based on reading acts and methods of calculation the personnel forms productive supply on natural persons and legal entities on a monthly basis. In all our branches the volume of transmitted energy is formed by a special software – IS KUEM. The software includes functions dealing with formation of the volume of transmitted energy if readings are absent, maintenance of data on metering device status, financial payments with contractors, automated analysis of readings dynamics and consumption volume.

Information on prepared acts on unmetered consumption:

  Acts prepared Acts paid
  pcs Thous. kW/h RUR thous. pcs RUR thous.
  11 426 59 318,89 44 036,30 8 950 33 040,24
Legal entities 2 172 43 850,99 32 652,73 1 707 18 348,54
Natural persons 9 254 15 467,90 11 383,57 7 243 14 691,70

Information on prepared acts on consumption without contracts:

  Acts prepared Acts paid
  pcs Thous. kW/h RUR thous. pcs RUR thous.
  5 924 54 055,07 148 229,28 5 806 113 801,72
Legal entities 1 953 38 842,00 122 690,78 1 896 95 486,73
Natural persons 3 971 15 213,07 25 538,50 3 910 18 314,99

Revenues from transmission services:

  Revenues, RUR mln, no VAT
  2010 actual 2011 actual Deviation Absolute
Permenergo 12 012 13 581 1 569 13,06%
Sverdlovenergo 22 601 26 196 3 595 15,91%
Chelyabenergo 13 150 13 088 -61 -0,47%
IDGC of Urals 47 763 52 866 5 103 10,68%

Actual revenues from transmission services in 2011 totaled RUR 52.86 bln (+RUR 5.1 bln or 10.68% on 2010).