Perspectives of grid development

The main directions for the Company’s network development are:

1. Creation of the united grid area

(consolidation of grid assets on the territory to ensure reliable energy supply to consumers as well as creation of opportunities for efficient development of regional energy systems)

  • Patchwork elimination in electric grids;
  • Liquidation of unfair regional gridcos ensuring more transparency to a regional tariff model and reducing tariff burden for consumers;
  • Reduction of opex and tariffs;
  • Provision of parallel preparation and approval of plans aimed at the development of the energy system and public utilities;
  • Provision of a more thorough control over public load upsurge and timeliness of measures taken to reconfigure networks and to commission new facilities.

We implement our strategy of united energy area concluding contracts of lease and public-private partnership, acquiring grid complexes and isolated grid assets as well as accepting no-man’s grids located on municipal territories into ownership, maintenance and exploitation. As a result, during 2011 the Company increased its market share in terms of conventional units: in 2011 we concluded 5 new grid rental contracts with municipal administrations and various institutions, the largest one being the rental of Krasnouralsk grid complex (the Sverdlovsk region, 2 222 c.u.). On the whole, we concluded 30 rental contracts (over 34.8 thous. c.u.), acquired into ownership 3 516.85 c.u. under 23 contracts, the largest ones being: Nytva grid complex (the Perm region, 1 123 c.u.), 35/6 kV substation Lysva (the Perm region, 166 c.u.), Lysva grid complex (the Perm region, 222 c.u.), grid complex belonging to Lukoil-Energoseti, ООО (the Perm region, 100 c.u.), 110 kV substation KAZ (the Sverdlovsk region, 184 c.u.), 110/6 kV substation Balagur (the Sverdlovsk region, 150 c.u.). In 2012 we plan to take into maintenance over 10 000 c.u. by SPAs and rental contracts.

Major problems that appear during the planning of grid asset consolidation are:
  • Considerable sequestering of the Company’s investment program;
  • High share of municipal grids that are not properly provided with ownership documents and lack of funds for state registration of ownership for forthcoming years (2012-2015) in various level budgets.

2. Connection of new consumers to the Company’s grids

Aim: we facilitate the development of the Urals economy and transmission run-up.

During 2011 IDGC of Urals received 27 941 applications on connection to the Company’s grids (+26% on 2010) with overall output 3 092 MW (+251% on 2010), we concluded 24 475 (+32% on 2010) contracts on connection with overall output 1 210 MW (+107% on 2010), we executed 16 337 (+42% on 2010) contracts on connection with overall output 476 MW (+75 % on 2010).

3. Construction of grid facilities

Aim: we liquidate output deficit zones in 110-220 kV networks and ensure reliable and trouble-free operations of the energy system.

Development of industrial complex of the Company shall facilitate the implementation of the federal programs, national projects, regional programs and development plans as well as discharge of liabilities under the agreements with local authorities.